Queens, NY

Everything you need to know about living in Queens and its real estate market.

Queens, NY

Everything you need to know about living in Queens and its real estate market.

Queens, NY

Everything you need to know about living in Queens and its real estate market.

Queens, New York & Real Estate

About Queens, NY

Queens, New York, a borough known for its remarkable diversity and rich tapestry of cultures, has evolved from a collection of small towns and farms into a bustling urban area. This evolution is visible across its varied neighborhoods, from the tranquil residential streets of Astoria to the lively, multicultural hubs of Flushing and Jackson Heights. Queens’ cultural mosaic is pieced together by the heritage of numerous immigrant groups, fostering a dynamic and multifaceted economy. Industries such as film and television production, aviation, and ethnic cuisine flourish here, underpinned by a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

In recent years, Queens has witnessed considerable development, attracting new residents with its blend of cultural depth, economic vibrancy, and quality of life. The borough’s educational landscape, featuring esteemed universities and diverse primary and secondary schools, enhances its desirability for families and individuals seeking a blend of urban and suburban living. With development initiatives breathing new life into its waterfront areas and repurposing former industrial sites, Queens is on a path of continuous growth, offering lucrative opportunities in real estate and commerce. As a critical component of the New York City mosaic, Queens solidifies its role as a place of opportunity and cultural convergence.

Queens Real Estate Market Stats

Last update: July 1, 2024

  • Homes Listed: 8,003 homes (+6.1%)

  • Average DOM: 84 days (-9.9%)

  • Average Price per Sqft: $500 (-2.1%)

  • Median List Price: $685,000 (-1.66%)

  • Average Sold Price: $698,500 (+1.3%)

  • Sold Last 30 Days: 225 homes ( -36% )

  • Sold to Listed Ration: 399:989 (-73.6%)

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Considering selling your home or moving to Queens, NY? Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation to see if it is the right for you.

Considering selling your home or moving to Queens, NY? Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation to see if it is the right for you.

History & Culture of Queens

Queens, New York, stands as a vibrant mosaic of diverse cultures and rich histories, distinguishing it as one of the most eclectic boroughs of New York City. Its origins trace back to when it served as a home for Native American tribes, later transforming under Dutch and English influences into a tapestry of farmlands and villages. This foundation set the stage for Queens to evolve into a global crossroads, attracting immigrant communities from around the world. Landmarks such as the Unisphere and Flushing Meadows Corona Park commemorate Queens’ role in hosting the World’s Fair, symbolizing its global connections and cultural dynamism.

The cultural landscape of Queens today mirrors this complex heritage, presenting an unparalleled diversity that includes myriad ethnicities, traditions, and creative expressions. Renowned institutions like the Queens Museum and the Museum of the Moving Image, along with a multitude of theaters and arts spaces, underscore the borough’s dedication to cultural enrichment and artistic ingenuity. The neighborhoods of Queens, each with its distinct character, offer a rich array of culinary delights, musical genres, and artistic endeavors that draw from the deep wells of its communities’ heritage. This fusion of historical depth and cultural exuberance beckons residents and visitors to delve into and celebrate the unique legacy that Queens provides, weaving together a compelling narrative that links the past to the present in a continuously unfolding story.

Queens Climate

Queens, New York, offers a diverse and engaging climate that significantly influences the daily lives of its inhabitants. Characterized by hot summers and chilly winters, Queens presents a seasonal journey that supports a wide range of outdoor and cultural endeavors. The borough’s climate, marked by distinct seasonal transitions, enables residents and visitors to partake in a plethora of activities – from lively summer festivals and open-air markets in neighborhoods like Astoria and Flushing to serene, snow-covered strolls in Queens’ expansive parks, such as Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, in the winter. Queens’ weather fosters an active lifestyle throughout the year, encouraging everything from springtime picnics along the scenic waterfronts to winter ice skating in parks and recreation centers. This variety assures that Queens is more than just a place to reside; it’s a place to vividly experience life through the changing seasons.

Queens Living

Queens, New York, is assigned a BestPlaces Cost of Living index of 157.9, suggesting that the overall cost for housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous expenses is 57.9% higher than the national average and nearly 30% higher than the New York state average. This statistic places Queens among the pricier areas to reside in the United States, with housing costs notably exceeding the average, indicative of the borough’s appeal and the competitive market for its diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods. Despite the elevated cost of living, the unique blend of global cuisines, rich cultural expressions, and extensive green spaces make Queens a sought-after location for many, affirming its status as an attractive place to live.

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Queens Avg. Commute Time

In Queens, NY, the average commute time for residents is approximately 43 minutes, with a significant portion utilizing the borough’s extensive public transportation system, encompassing subways, buses, and trains, for their daily travel. This reliance on public transit highlights the lower levels of car ownership in Queens compared to suburban areas, illustrating the borough’s inclination towards sustainable and accessible transportation methods. With its diverse transportation options, including well-connected subway lines and multiple bus routes, along with growing bike lane networks and pedestrian-friendly streets, Queens supports a lifestyle where commuting without a car is not only feasible but often preferred. This setup emphasizes Queens’ dedication to promoting a lifestyle that values convenience, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in urban mobility.

Queens Schools

Queens, New York, is home to a dynamic and varied educational system, overseen by the New York City Department of Education, the largest school district in the nation. Spanning a wide range of communities, Queens’ educational infrastructure includes an array of public, charter, and private schools, designed to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of its student body. With numerous schools throughout the borough, pupils have access to a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, encompassing programs in STEM, the arts, dual language initiatives, and specialized high schools dedicated to a variety of academic and creative fields. This diverse educational environment underscores Queens’ dedication to academic achievement and cultural diversity, offering a supportive setting where students of all backgrounds can flourish and realize their utmost capabilities.

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Things to Do in Queens

  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park

  • Queens Night Market

  • Queens Botanical Garden

  • Eat Your Way Through Flushing, Queens

  • Museum of the Moving Image

  • Citi Field

  • MoMA PS1

  • USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

  • Queens Zoo

  • Gantry Plaza State Park

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Queens Neighborhoods

East Elmhurst


Richmond Hills

Springfield Gardens

Queens, New York Report Card

Niche.com offers valuable insights into the quality of life in Queens, New York. According to their ratings, Queens boasts an exceptional Overall Niche Grade of A+. This grade is indicative of the borough’s outstanding combination of factors, including the cost of living, safety, education, and overall community satisfaction. Such a high grade underscores that Queens is a highly sought-after place to reside, providing residents with a superior standard of living.

Furthermore, Queens’ ranking as the #3 Best Borough to Live in New York is a testament to its exceptional qualities. This recognition acknowledges the borough’s appeal, diverse culture, and access to excellent amenities. Whether you’re in search of a vibrant urban lifestyle or a peaceful suburban environment, Queens offers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences. With a strong sense of community, picturesque neighborhoods, and outstanding educational institutions, it’s no surprise that Queens is highly regarded as a premier choice for residents in New York. These accolades emphasize the borough’s commitment to ensuring a high quality of life for its residents, establishing it as an exceptional destination in the Empire State.


Queens Overall Niche Grade

The grade is an average of the individual scores below.

B+ Public Schools

A+ Night Life

A+ Diversity

B  Weather

A  Health & Fitness

B+ Commute

D+ Housing

A Good for Families

C+ Jobs

C-  Cost of Living

A+  Outdoor Activities


Queens Rankings

Most Diverse to Live in America
#29 of 17,927

Best Places for Young Professionals in America
#780 of 17,927

Best Places to Raise a Family in America
#2,140 of 17,899

Best Places to Live in America
#2,738 of 17,916


Queens Reviews

162 Excellent Reviews

143 Very Good Reviews

53 Average Reviews

0 Poor Reviews

1 Terrible Reviews